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Author Karol Chojnowski
Title Faith in C. S. Lewis’s and Marek S. Huberath’s eschatological fiction
Keywords C. S. Lewis, Marek S. Huberath, faith, heaven, hell, eschatology, scientific model
Pages 71-87
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Volume 33


The article compares selected texts by C. S. Lewis and Marek S. Huberath which have afterworld as part of their setting and which raise issues of faith. The main argument of the article is that there is a radical difference between the role faith plays in the afterworlds envisioned by either author. Scenes from C. S. Lewis are analysed to show how his characters can deny the supernatural even as they find themselves in a supernatural world. By contrast, Huberath’s characters who come into the afterworld have to acknowledge it as real. Interpreting the difference, the article tentatively suggests that Lewis’s afterworlds are tools for talking about life on earth, whereas Huberath’s are similar to scientific models in that they are attempts at understanding afterlife.