Philological Studies

at Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce

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Philological Studies

Volume 33

Year of publication: 2020
Number of pages: 572
Format: B5
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Ewa Bartos
Freedom and/or anxiety. About “Zwierzoczłekoupiór” Tadeusz Konwicki
Tomasz Bohdan
Value crisis in contemporary sports
Bartłomiej Borek
The metaphysical rebellion of the lyrical subject regarding divine judgments in Maria Konopnicka’s poetry
Karima Bouziane, Abdelmounim Bouziane
The Impact of Culture on the Financial Audit Mission Quality: The Case of Deloitte Nearshore Morocco, Deloitte France, Deloitte USA
Karol Chojnowski
Faith in C. S. Lewis’s and Marek S. Huberath’s eschatological fiction
Joseph Davis
Lexical items as facets of identity in discourse
Konrad Dominas
Between myth and literature. The symbolism of the pomegranate in ancient mythology
Klaudia Gajewska
Insights from Method Era of EFL Pedagogy into the History of Instructed Speaking Practice
Michał Jasny
Methodological Dysfunctionalism and E-sports: A New Analytical Approach Application Perspective
Marzena Jochymek-Sobczyk
Axiological aspects of a linguistic representation of trade in Brunon Schultz’s artistic idiolect
Marcelina Kałasznik
“Ein dickes Lob und Dankeschön” – On emotionality in German doctors‘ assessments
Hala Kamal
Trends in Autobiography Theory and Writing
Anna Kijanka
An inventory of things, in other words, organizing the past (Marcin Wicha, „Things I Didn’t Throw Out”)
Marian Kisiel
“Strictly Religious Poetry”. An Introduction to Karol Wojtyła’s Poetics
Wioletta Kochmańska
Reflections on life as a value in the phraseological resource of contemporary Polish
Przemysław Kossakowski
Narrations of the royal power in the 17th century’s French classical tragedies
Martyna Król-Kumor
The meaning of word as a value (based on comparison of metonymization models in Polish and English)
Wojciech Lewandowski
Values not Semantics: Captain America and Self-Reliance
Paweł Majerski
Poetry without warranty. About Genowefa Jakubowska-Fijałkowska and Ewa Jarocka
Victor Marynchak
The Christmas Cycle by B.-I. Antonych in the context of dialogue between mythological-ceremonial and religious consciousnesses
Michał Mazurkiewicz
The Beauty of the Christian Life: The Cultural Influence of Eric Liddell – a Sportsman, Missionary and Religious Writer
Tomasz Michaluk
The value and meaning of physicality in non-digital sport and video games. From Pistorius to the Witcher
Aleksandra Nowak
Thanatological pictures in the tetralogy ‘Night and Days’ by Maria Dąbrowska
Anna Paluch
Heritage as motive for a crime in the chosen novels of Agatha Christie or some remarks on axiological grounds of inheritance of property
Katarzyna Pisarska
A Socialist Christian Utopia: Balmanno; The City of Our Quest and Its Social Problems (1906)
Sharaf Rehman
Indian Cinema’s Original Rebel Hero – Dev Anand
Alena Savich
The Axiological Basis of Journalism as Reflected in the Discourse of National Codes of Journalistic Ethics
Agata Skurzewska
Сборничокъ словъ и выраженій чисто-народныхъ, призначеный матеріаломъ до руского Словаря by Ilko Magura – uknown 19th century source of Ukrainian lexis (introductory remarks)
Grzegorz Trębicki
Middle-Earth under Attack, Again: The Axiological Debate on „the Lord of the Rings”
Zbigniew Trzaskowski
More than anything: A hermeneutic-parenetic perspective on the Apostle Paul’s “Hymn of love”
Stanisław Uliasz
Jerzy Stempowski’s story of Polish Eastern Borderland. A research reconnaissance
Jadwiga Węgrodzka
School and education in David Almond’s selected children’s fiction


Alexandr L. Glotov
The history of world literature in the context of the future journalists’ professional training. Social-communicative discourse of the literary process
Agnieszka Strzałka
Online learning of foreign languages by adults during the pandemic: a qualitative case study of the emotional outcomes
Darya Yashina
Metatext in the argumentation of school graduation essays

Opinions, reviews, notes

Urszula Niekra
Linguistic picture of the world among people with aphasia
Magdalena Zofia Feret
History of the German language in a nutshell
Piotr A. Owsiński
A question and an answer which fit like a glove