Philological Studies

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Author Victor Marynchak
Title The Christmas Cycle by B.-I. Antonych in the context of dialogue between mythological-ceremonial and religious consciousnesses
Keywords Bohdan-Ihor Antonych, Christmas imagery, mythological-ceremonial and religious (Christian) consciousness
Pages 311-325
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Volume 33


The article deals with a complex interaction of mythological-ceremonial (archaic, pagan) and religious (Christian) consciousness in The Christmas Cycle of poems by a Polish-born Ukrainian poet Bohdan-Ihor Antonych (5 October 1909‒6 July 1937). Born and raised in the Lemko village of Nowica, Antonych left his native village in 1928 to study at the University of Lviv. He died young but managed to create poems that have received recognition for centuries. Ukrainian honor him as an outstanding personality. The author pioneers a discussion of the phenomenon of intertwined folk-religious imagery in Antonych as a representation of the local (ethnic Slavic) Christian outlook and proposes an in-depth semantic analysis of the key symbolic images in The Christmas Cycle.