Philological Studies

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Author Agnieszka Strzałka
Title Online learning of foreign languages by adults during the pandemic: a qualitative case study of the emotional outcomes
Keywords emotional outcomes of learning, adults learning foreign languages, emergency remote teaching, qualitative methods in SLA
Pages 523-537
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Volume 33


Learning foreign languages in adulthood remains a challenging endeavour. As research shows, adults might study a foreign language for many years, for not only intellectual but affective profits that the activity may bring (Singleton and Zaborska, 2020). The present study deals with the middle-aged group of adult learners, which is the least researched when it comes to adult foreign language learning (Kuklewicz & King, 2018). The immediate aspect of their learning addressed by this paper is the shift from stationary, face-to-face learning with a tutor to online learning during the pandemic. Given the huge role that emotional reactions, motivation, and self-efficacy play in learning a foreign language, the focus of the present study is on the affective outcomes of the shift in language learning environments from traditional to virtual, taking place in an emergency mode in 2020. The researched group, active IT professionals, all study in one workplace, thus constituting a single case of adults learning languages online during the pandemic.