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Autor Elena Raicu
Tytuł Geographical Journeys and Journeys of Self-Discovery in “The Count of Monte Cristo” and “A Room with a View”
Słowa kluczowe Alexandre Dumas, E. M. Forster, journey, self-discovery
Strony 323-347
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In The Count of Monte Cristo (1844-1846) and A Room with a View (1908), Alexandre Dumas and E. M. Forster take their characters on a double journey, one that is both geographical and initiatory, which can be seen as one unitary voyage. Already an experienced travel writer by the time he publishes the story of Edmond Dantès, Dumas introduces in his novel entire passages reminiscent of his trips in Italy, France and the Mediterranean Sea. In his turn, Forster tries to describe Florence from the perspective of a British tourist, who is narrow-minded and superficial, using ironical speech to this effect. In addition to these geographical journeys, the two writers also guide their heroes in a physical and spiritual coming of age, in finding and accepting themselves.