Studia Filologiczne UJK

Philological Studies

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Autor Živilė Nemickienė • Eglė Navickaitė
Tytuł Cechy strukturalne litewskich zbitek wyrazowych
Słowa kluczowe zbitki wyrazowe, morfonologia, morfem, fonem, nakładanie fonemów
Strony 369-386
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Tom 36


The study examines 167 indigenous and translated blends collected in the Database of Lithuanian Neologisms to reveal the heterogenous structure of blends. The phenomenon arises from users’ linguistic sense, their ability to creatively use language resources and their pursuit of the most expressive and economic ways of saying. The study establishes that the phonological (structural) types of syllables in blends correspond to the tendencies of Lithuanian words syllables phonological structure. Often, morphemes from initial words, which lose their morphemic status in blends, are combined. In the process of blending, it is important to aim for the morphemes of the initial words to be recognized as such. Phonemic overlap is used to preserve as many phonemes from initial words as possible. Phonological environment and, in some cases, prosodic features imply the analogy of blends to compounds.