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Autor Donna Hurst Tatsuki
Tytuł The Model UN Corpus of English (MUNCE): A description of non-standard morpho-syntactic features
Słowa kluczowe Model United Nations, English as a Lingua Franca, corpus, community of practice, linguistic features
Strony 293-302
Pełny tekst
Tom 34


This paper describes some of the linguistic features, language functions, uses and transformations in the Model UN Corpus of English (MUNCE) that are shared with in other ELF corpora. Speakers across various ELF corpora produce certain non-standard forms quite consistently regardless of their L1. This paper will present a few examples of non-standard forms found in MUNCE that have also been widely observed in ELF corpora. The MUNCE similarities with both VOICE and ACE include the non-marking of third person singular, demonstrative ‘this’ with plural nouns and the use of ‘different’ prepositions. MUNCE similarities with ACE only include the base form of the verb for past tense, the omission of articles, the omission of the copula ‘be’ and the omission of the plural ‘s’. MUNCE similarities with VOICE only include the flexible use of definite/indefinite articles, and the treatment of non-count nouns as plural.