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Autor Elwira Bolek
Tytuł The interpretative frame as a tool of a multimodal analysis of theatrical poster
Słowa kluczowe interpretative frames, multimodal analysis, theatrical poster, transtextual relations, visual arts
Strony 347-363
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Tom 34


The starting point of the article is the assumption that multimodal messages can be studied using linguistic methods, carefully selected for specific genres and messages. This article presents the stages of a multimodal analysis, in which interpretative frames are used as a research tool. The proposal has been tested in artistic analyses of theatrical posters for Macbeth, which are perceived as both persuasive messages and works of art. As a result of the conducted analysis, individual stages of a multimodal frame analysis, which takes into account the reciprocal contextualisation of language and image as well as transtextual relations, have been delineated. Framing structures the reception, suggests possible readings and solutions, but does not preclude interpretation.