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Autor Monika Łodej • Sylwester Łodej
Tytuł Reciprocal peer tutoring in an emergency remote teaching course: examining its impact on university students’ social-emotional and cognitive learning needs
Słowa kluczowe peer tutoring, remote teaching, learning needs, social-emotional, cognitive, university students
Strony 471-490
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Peer tutoring as an educational strategy has not been widely recognized at Polish universities so far. Little attention has been given to the connection between peer tutoring and the affective domain of learning. Also, the current teaching pedagogies prioritize cognitive learning outcomes over social-emotional learning outcomes. The period of emergency remote teaching caused by the Covid-19 pandemic brought forward the role of social-emotional learning needs. The present study aims to contribute to the discussion on the types of peer tutoring and the modes of their delivery complementary with the Polish system of higher education. Thus, the investigation offers an insight into the perception of the impact that online peer tutoring has on the learning process of the English Department students. The purpose of the study was thus twofold: to find out the effects of an online reciprocal peer tutoring strategy on the students’ social-emotional learning, and to investigate the relation between online reciprocal peer tutoring and the students’ perceived gains in knowledge. The research revealed that online reciprocal peer tutoring has a potential to be a beneficial instructional strategy for both remote and face-to-face university courses.