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Author Anna Kijanka
Title An inventory of things, in other words, organizing the past (Marcin Wicha, „Things I Didn’t Throw Out”)
Keywords biography of objects, Marcin Wicha, ‘Material Turn’, everyday life
Pages 197-212
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Volume 33


The main aim of this article was to present the role and functions of things and material objects in Marcin Wichy’s prose. The objects organise the space of the world presented in his writing and through their participation in the life of characters, it led them into outright subjects that should gain a voice. Due to flexibility and ability to absorb given values, they perfectly adjust or even acquire fragments of their user’s presence which makes them an extension of user’s life. Reading Vichy’s works fluctuates around object’s role in key moments of life – mourning, suffering, longing and farewells. Firstly, objects are the foundation of memory and secondly, they allow the characters to grow accustomed to trauma.