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Author Agata Skurzewska
Title Сборничокъ словъ и выраженій чисто-народныхъ, призначеный матеріаломъ до руского Словаря by Ilko Magura – uknown 19th century source of Ukrainian lexis (introductory remarks)
Keywords 19th century Ukrainian lexicography, Ilko Magura, Southwest Ukrainian, Galicia
Pages 437-451
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Volume 33


A small disctionary, entitled Матеріялы до словаря, by Ilko Magura was published in the periodical „Вечерницѣ” in 1862; one year later the second part of Magura’s lexicographic work, Сборничокъ словъ и выраженій чисто-народныхъ до руского Словаря, a collection of words and expressions originally recorded in the Zhovkva region, was published in the periodical „Галичанинъ: Литературный сборникъ”. The majority of lexical items was translated into German, some items were explained into vernacular Ukrainian, occasionally Polish or Latin correspondent words or even constructions containing such expressions, were used. Its vocabulary, demonstrating obvious southwestern Ukrainian features, represents different spheres of life and human activity. However, the fact that Magura was originally from the town of Uhniv in the Sokal region whose inhabitans were largely employed in tanning and shoemaking as well as selling their products in Galicia, explains the predominance of the respective terminology in this dictionary.